Sometimes you hear or experience something ,which surprises you,because it changes a common perception or a commonly held belief and you are just flummoxed!

There is no other word for what I heard on the radio this morning.

Let me explain.

This morning I listened to an interview with the mother of the doctor who allegedly committed suicide in a Syrian jail. He was an orthopaedic surgeon who had gone over to help the Syrians,quite early in the conflict. He was captured and put in a Syrian jail, and was found hanged in his cell, allegedly he had committed suicide.

Here is the link.

His mother had travelled to Syria and all of us were disgusted by the way the Assad regime treated her and her son.

She this morning was talking of that experience, she talked about the British government and other countries refused to help, what really shocked me was the lady’s statement ,that the only person who was kind and supported her was the BNP leader Nick Griffin ! “He gave me a hug, and wanted to come to Syria to help me”.

I was gob smacked .

And then she dropped another bombshell, “the person really nasty to me was baroness Sayeeda Warsi” It seems the Baroness told her that she should be grateful that she was even speaking to the noble lady”.

I always keep an open mind, often they turn out to be very different to what you expect them to be. The Baroness was regarded a hero for resigning her Cabinet post ,because she disagreed with the government ‘s policy on Palestine. But her humanity didn’t extend to the mother of an innocent man who was captured and was kept in prison ,simply because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I do not want to go into the rights and wrongs of Dr Khan going to Syria, am simply astonished at the behaviour of the good baroness who couldn’t even speak to the distressed mother with kindness.

And my hat off to Nick Griffin for showing kindness and humanity to another human being in distress. Whatever the differences might have been but he acted as a decent human being should.

I wonder if the Baroness will issue an apology to the mother?

I somehow doubt it.

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