It was alright in the 1970s”.

I watched this programme on C4 ,last week, I wanted to blog about it but didn’t have the time during the week. i see that in today’s Telegraph,the t.v. critic Michael Deacon has written about it at length,and he echoes a lot of my sentiments.

We think and often bemoan the fact that the t.v. these days is full of sex and violence. Perhaps it is ; but when you look at what was shown in the 1970s. it is astonishing how crude and full of innuendoes  the broadcasts were.The blatant sleaziness of most of the television programs is cringe worthy.

The series “Professionals” had a scene where a busty blonde , had a hand grenade  stuck in her bra,and Brodie the “professional” rushed to gallantly remove it and save her life!

Sitcoms where nubile teenagers dressed in school uniform,drooled and fantasised about the young teacher who was sent to teach them  sex education, and a his older predecessor  reminisced how happy he was when he was doing the job,and was now “giving someone younger a chance”.

The programme is full of clips of such cringe making programmes, it gives us some insight as to why Jimmy Savile and others of that era got away with what they did.,sexual harassment was seen as “having a laugh’.

As someone said we all think we think independently, but often we are obeying the orders of our culture.If something is normal it must be fine.

Compared to what was shown, I think todays t.v. is very tame!

DO you agree?


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