Dancing Queen

Theresa May, the Home secretory was on the programme “Desert island Disc”, last Sunday.

I have always like Ms May, I confess to admire her sense of style, the way she dresses and her stance in the male dominant cabinet. Her kitten heels are legendary, in those days when the Conservative party had the title of being “the nasty party”.

That year, the press had nothing good to say about the Conservative party, even the Telegraph was struggling for a positive heading, so they featured Ms May’s feet, clad in leopard print kitten heels!

She has always injected a bit of positive colour and style into politics.

She talked about her life, her favourite music, Mozart opera ,but the song ,she says she “jigs” to in her kitchen is Abba’s “Dancing Queen”. Am not averse to doing the same in my kitchen to that song!

She talked of being introduced to her husband of some 34 years or so,at the Oxford Union. And Benazir Bhutto, the murdered Prime minister of Pakistan who introduced them . One could hear the affection in her voice,when the presenter asked her ,as to what she thought of Philip May, I imagined she blushed when she replied that she thought “he was rather nice”!

She has been diagnosed by type 1 diabetes ,some two years ago. That type of diabetes is a particularly nasty type, chronic fatigue and regular injections make life very difficult. She said she has to inject herself 4 times a day, during commons debates and other commitments, she absents herself for a few minutes to do just that.

Holding such an important job and coping with such a serious illness,does require a strength of character and commitment. You can go into a coma if an injection is missed and your blood sugar shoots up. My respect .

Often politicians turn up at such programmes for electoral advantage, am not sure if this was the case,but she has won my respect.

Political affiliations aside, I feel we must acknowledge  it when someone deserves respect for who they are.

Respect to Ms May, as a woman of courage!

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