Lonely among the crowds..


The Independent reports that ,the Japanese have banned couples in restaurants, on Christmas Eve,to stop singles feeling lonely.

The BBC are doing various programmes this week for those who are on their own at this time of the year, and every programme has had dozens of people calling the station,with their woes, ideas to combat  loneliness  anyhow to help someone who is.

Let us face it,we are lonely, compared to what we were in the days gone by. Those in work very hard and though earn a lot a money ,have less time to enjoy it,they are busy. Very few have their families near them, they have to be much more self reliant , and of course they are.

This time of the year though,everywhere you look there are couples and parents with children ,buying and planing their festivities. If you have neither handy, you do feel a bit left out.

There is nothing wrong with being lonely you cry, but the fact remains that some cope with it better than others. Someone might seem engaged in lots of activities, but if you scratch the surface,you find that they crave human company too. I was surprised ,how many were ringing up to admit how alone they are.

So may be it will be a good idea talk to someone who is, or is going to be on their own over Christmas, they may not admit it, but human contact might just cheer them up.


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