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The comedian Sarah Millican is hosting a chat on twitter ,for anyone who is alone or is feeling lonely today. Well one doesn’t have to be lonely or alone, it is ; as the say good to talk!

Let us take Christmas, I have just been for a walk ,through the town centre to our beautiful park ,known as the Vivary Park. It is a huge area, beautifully laid out with lakes and rose and scented gardens etc; and there were a lot of people there, walking. Some alone, a few couples and a lot of grand parents, keeping the children amused in the play area while the parents get the turkey ready.

I remember my first Christmas in the UK. It was 1970, and it snowed heavily. I was living in the student nurses home in the hospital in Surrey,where I was training. My husband (then fiancee) was working in another hospital, some twenty miles away. To get there I had to get a taxi, as we didn’t have a car. It cost me half of my month’s stipend. I very clearly remember that there was not a soul on the roads. No cars and no people to be seen anywhere.

During the 1970s and the 1980s you never saw anyone outside. People watched t.v. , and stayed in until the Boxing day. Now on line sales start on Christmas day, people are out and about there is nothing much on the t.v.!

So what are your memories of the Christmases will be very interesting to hear them.

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