How was it for you?


Here we are at the end of another year of our lives,and the beginning of a new one.

And what a year it has been, dominated terrorism, it was the 7th of January this year when the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo were gunned down, and we are ending the year with another mass shooting in the city of Paris again.

The year has been dominated by atrocities and killings, the burning of the Jordanian pilot in cage, and the beheading of the innocent people ,by that despicable man with a British accent ,dubbed Jihadi John. He can only claim to have a British accent, he had no other British or even human values. It seems that the world being held to ransom  by a nasty sub human species.

Muslims around the world became synonymous with atrocities, if you had a Muslim Surname ,as I have ;you felt almost apologetic to spell it out. The fact that there are billions of Muslims in the world,going about their business,was of no consequence,as more and more rogue elements of Islam ,world wide got embroiled into some act of violence or other.

We had a general election, it doesn’t seem possible that it was earlier this year when there was no certainty as to who will run the country, but to the surprise of everyone,(including them) the Conservatives won it with majority.

A new political entity burst onto scene , and we had Corbyn, with his squinting gaze and donkey jacket,he reminded some of us of another short lived Labour leader,Michael Foot.

Poor Ed disappeared from political scene ,and so did Mr Clegg,and his entourage ,including Vince Cable, who has now got the time to become a full time ballroom dancer!

Princess Charlotte,Elizabeth Diana was born, the nation breathed a sigh of relief and joy, after the terror threats and general election,there is nothing like a new baby to cheer us up.

And then we faced the “migrant crisis”. Hundreds of people ,uprooted due to was headed towards the European shores ,we struggled with our conscious, none of us know how many are genuine  and how many are economic migrants. The public reaction was confused,as there was no way of knowing who really is a persecuted/ uprooted war victim, and who is taking advantage of the situation.

Personally for me,I think it was a good year. Am now beginning to come to terms with being on my own, making some sense of my existence,and thanks to great friends and neighbours and my wonderful children,am beginning to make sense of my existence on my own.

I was able to fulfil one long term ambition this year,going up the Table mountain, and taking the garden route in South Africa, and it truly was as beautiful and amazing as I had envisaged.

So how was your year?

Happy New Year by the way.xx


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