What to Do?

We all are still grappling with what happened in Paris yesterday.

Because we are a civilised people, we express our disgust and empathy and move on, it is done by another culture,another religion,obviously far removed from western values.To offend and to make fun of the figures in authority, Monarchs and religious leaders and such like is at the core of the freedom of speech.


Though there are generations of Muslims who were born and brought up in the west, owe their education and success to the country they were born in. But have not really and truly tried to understand the western values and ways of life.

To some extent ,it is the tolerance of the west,though a very good thing ,has not been such a good thing, and has allowed a separate culture and values,which are alien. There are echoes of the vendetta carried out in the countries where no one shows tolerance.

I remember my parents telling me about the aftermath of the partition of India, how people turned on each other, I remember when Indira Gandhi was assassinated, how the Sikhs were victimised.

So what do we do , the onus is I feel is on the Muslins themselves. They will have to stand up against such atrocities, remember how the Muslims were united in condemning and hunting down Salman Rushdie? Most muslim countries muscled in and issued fatwas, why cant the same religious leaders,if they believe that Islam is a religion of peace,and doesn’t allow killing,why do they all unite and ex communicate, issue fatwas against  them?

If anything can be done, it will have to be done by the muslims , and I wish our s and the worlds leaders will insist that this is done. It is no good pussy footing and rubbing our hands in dismay,something will have to be done and done soon.

It is all right for me to say ,am al right and neither my children or I will ever support anything, but it makes me sad and angry in the equal measures, i feel sullied by association.

And that is not a good place to be.

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