OM Shanti…

This is the Hindu mantra for peace and traquility!

For the last two days, there have been many very heated discussions on this site.

Understandable ,under the circumstances. We all are upset and angry about the events in Paris.

The loss of life is unforgivable and horrifying. We cant imagine how the families must be feeling. losing a loved one to an illness is heart breaking, how dreadful it must be to lose healthy and young people ,un expectedly and suddenly.

That is what the terrorists want,the want to terrorise  us , make us feel hopeless and helpless, feel suspicious and angry.

That is what has happened, the hate preachers ,who were allowed to come into this country and radicalised young minds, and not just here ,but world wide, and all those who are dissatisfied with their own lives have really taken this to heart, take a look at this play by Voltaire , hundreds of years ago, which is truly blasphemous  and offensive, no one has protested , killed the play writer or the cast , and no mention of it has ever been ade anywhere.

What has changed is, some communities have been brain washed, the west’s foreign policy has not helped ,and the recent invasions, drones ,and of course on the other hand ,9/11. 7/7 and now 9/1.

What we have to remember that millions marched before the Iraq invasion, there are hundreds of westerners who volunteer and go out to help in refugee camps and places of conflicts,the west pays huge sums in foreign aid and in aid. The Ebola epidemic is being managed and controlled by a lot of western volunteers who are risking life and limb.

And on the other hand , there are millions of Muslims who are contributing to science and medicine and other aspects of life, but they are undermined and un recognised ,because of what these terrorists are doing. They are victims too. Those of us who have a Muslim name, feel almost apologetic for having it.

That is what the terrorists want. I remember during the IRA atrocities, people were scared to speak with an Irish accent, there was such a backlash against the Irish community. And then the Churches came together, and the religious leaders started to condemn the violence unequivocally , and the Irish themselves began to recognise that hatred is a destructive force.

So may be a long look at Om Shanti will be a welcome break!


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