Best place on Earth…

Any idea where it is? No I haven’t either but am about to find out!

So if you can choose a place to spend your life in ,once you are free of the constraints of mortgage, employment and children, where would you like to?

Some of you have travelled widely, so you must have some idea?

I have been everywhere in Europe and the north African countries, plus Egypt, Thailand , Saudi Arabia and Mexico. They are good, but I cant honestly say I want to live in any of those countries.

Am toying with the idea of going for a tour of the gardens of South Africa this autumn. Something I have always wanted to do,I do wonder though though rich in flora and fauna and natural beauty,if that is the country anyone would want to live.

Australia ,well what can I say,I think when the Australians say “no worries” , they probably have none! What is there to worry about, fantastic beaches, warm waters and wonderful climate, you can afford to be worry less!

So what will help you to decide ? Good climate, natural beauty,friendly natives or sound economics? Can there be a country which has everything we hold dear? And if there is one will you go and live there?

Tell me oh the travelled ones, which is the one country which has left a mark on you and you want to go and live there and why?

Holidaying in a country is quite different to , wanting to go and live in a country is another, so those of you who are now living abroad,what made you decide and is that country everything you wanted it to be?

So on this cold and dark January evening ,let us indulge a bit into fantasy1


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