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Bad language

I didn’t know that Andy Murray’s girl friend has been photographed swearing at Andy’s  opponent, it seems all the newspapers have picked up on it, this morning the BBC did a phone in on this subject, I too was asked to comment.

“Is bad language in the public acceptable” was the question.

No was my answer, but these days it has become a norm, people liberally use the F word, every  other sentence seems to have a swear word, I so not find it acceptable.

I also object to public figures like Louise Mensch MP and Boris Johnson using such words in public. Ms Mensch, obviously was angry that the prime minister has asked for the flags to be lowered,when the King of Saudi Arabia died, last week.

Ms Mensch’s response was “F*** you Cameron”.  And today Boris Johnson has said that the Jihadis are “Wa*****”. I agree with the sentiments,but not with the language, and I feel that if responsible figures(in this case an MP and a Mayor respectively), can not control their anger,then what kind of a role model are they?

Some here, I know ,will argue that there should be freedom of speech, indeed there should be, someone or something can be effectively condemned without swearing.

I also object to mothers who liberally use swear words to their children ,while they are out and about on the street, little toddlers are told to “F off”, and they in turn use the same language in the class room or with another adult, without realising what the word means.

I feel that the best put downs are the ones which are uttered with politeness.

Like the one, when, I think it was Churchill;  who was once accused of being drunk, and his reply was” Madam I will be sober tomorrow, but you will always be ugly”, you get the idea.

I must belong to a bygone era, I cringe when someone uses the F word casually, I still think manners are important,and my memory of Britain ,when I arrived here in 1970, is that I never ever heard the F word used in public, may be men respected  a woman being present,or may be I socialised with people who were careful, and i never heard it on the streets either,or on the t.v. or radio.

C4,  considers itself the progressive channel, the word is used liberally,in plays, in conversation and even in interviews. Has hearing it on the media has removed  of the inhibitions? Am not sure.

So what do you think? Is it OK to swear in public, used the  F, and the W word freely and do you think it is right that our politicians are using it on the media, so where will the role models will come from for our young?


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