Small victories

The gym I go to, has been taken over by Nuffield Health, it was owned by Virgin before. Anyway they have made a lot of changes, one of them is what they call “small victories”. They have provided a notice board where everyone can write what ever they have achieved. You see entries like, I managed to walk for 20 minutes without stopping, or I managed to lift an extra weight, or some says they managed to come more than once to the gym, in a week.

You get the drift, as the saying goes ;every little helps!

So I thought I will think of little things to cheer us up, the news these days is so grim,it sends everyone’s blood pressure soaring, we lament how things have changed for the worst, how no one cares for anyone else and we all hanker for the good old days.

Well, we do, how about the pensioner who ws mugged , and someone set up an appeal on the internet and they have collected more than £300,000! Thanks to the generosity of the ordinary people. There have been many such acts of kindness and generosity, but we never hear of them, of course good news doesn’t make exciting news, doesn’t get our blood pressure up or has us wringing our hands in dismay and feeling helpless.

I too have had a little victory, the other day when I was planing a new patio for the garden, for the first time in many years a felt a spark of excitement, a little joy, and an anticipation of summer and good days to come. I haven’t felt this for the last four years or so, I have been too aware of the fragility of life, a feeling that it was futile to plan anything, to look ahead, as it willingly be taken away from me. Though I have a lot to be grateful, am blessed with kind friends and loving family, but the circumstances have made me feel despondent and every thing seemed futile.

The thought of re designing a part of the garden, suddenly gave me a vision of the sunny days to come.

Yes summer will be here, and it will be beautiful.

That was my little victory, what is yours?



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