God of Love?

So who is this God of love, in whose name shops are over flowing with red roses, chocolates and bouquets?

I was in a super market this afternoon and the isles were flowing with red roses and all manners of heart shaped chocolates. Men rushing in and standing at the isles, surveying the display, with a bewildered look. Standing and gazing and then just picking up the nearest thing and rushing off . In the car park as I queued to get out, I saw various cars ,the drivers in their suits and some in over alls  rushing in and coming out with a bouquet. It was quite interesting,seeing sharp suits alighting from their BMWs a and Mercedes , along side the pick trucks and white vans. And men in overalls and paint splattered dungarees.

They all seem to have only one thing in mind, picking up some flowers and chocolates etc; they seemed desperate, as if their survival, or rather their evening’s peace depended on it.

I have never ever received anything on a valentine’s day in my nearly 43 years of marriage, My Late husband never paid any heed to it, and i never expected it. Seeing the men rushing in and out , made me feel a bit left out. No one has ever rushed in buy flowers for me I thought,sob.. . Though it never made a difference to our relationship.

So how many of you men ,rush out to buy gifts for Valentine’s day? Was it always the trend or has the commercials, in print and other media has raised the expectation  among women , and men feel they better buy something, if only to keep the peace?

Is it necessary to do this, just once a year and does this compensates for the whole years’s neglect?

And do you think it is necessary to give in to the commercial pressure and join the queue of the men who rush desperately and pick up the first bunch of flowers they see?

Go on be honest!!


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