Being offensive

There are laws about being offensive to minorities and women and anything you can think of ,but is there a law on being offensive to the rest of the population ? It is open season for the rest of us.

I was very offended last night, first on C4 and then on the BBC2’s News night. Some one from an organisation called CAGE was invited to talk about the murderer who is known as “jihadi John”.

These two men from the something called CAGE were telling us that this murderer was ‘a beautiful man”, a really wonderful creature who was radicalised because of the secret services?

Really? He has had the best of education from one of our schools and universities, then he is so radicalised that he beheads innocent , decent men like the American journalist and the wonderful and kind man Henning. These men went to Syria to help others,and got brutally murdered for their troubles.

These organisations like CAGE and others , which are given money from the government for being,what do they do? Apart from coming on the media and spouting offensive rubbish.

I felt angry and indignant for  my fellow countrymen, for the families of those he has so brutally murdered. And how easily he can be defended, on the main stream media  by his sympathisers and insult the rest of us.

It does seem that though the authorities jump up and down if anyone says something which they consider to be “racist”homophobic” or similar ,but no one takes any notice of what these idiots and come and say on the media to the rest of us.

In a documentary on C4 , called Immigration Street” this week , a shop keeper called Rafique said the “British White people were lazy, and didn’t want to work, and if it wasn’t for the immigrants this country will go to the dogs”. And no one batted an eyelid! So it is OK to stand up and call a whole nation lazy and incompetent and greedy,and it counts for nothing? Where as there are whole segments of our police who are dedicated to tackle “hate crime”, and they scour everything ,looking for a word/ deed which will qualify as “the crime”?  You try saying something similar about ,Muslims, Asians, or gay people and you will at least have a police caution.

But no one takes any notice if the rest of the country is insulted.

No wonder the so called race/ community relationships are at a record low.

I despair.


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