What to write?

So the sun is shining, the spring is well on its way and the world seems wonderful,and it is wonderful to write about ,all that is beautiful?

Is it though?

We hear 700 people have died at the sea, trying to get into Europe, to better themselves, they might be il legal immigrants, stow aways or the persecuted, first of all  though they are people; human beings like you and I. Given a chance, however remote ,to better our lives would we not take a risk? Granted these are extreme risks,but then may be their circumstances are extreme too.

I am an immigrant, granted I came here a long time ago,and as professionals we were invited by the government to come and work in the NHS. That was in 1970. Came we did,because the pay was good, the working conditions were better that the hospitals in India, and we worked and made a success of our lives, had and raised a family and have comfortable lives.

I never forget this fact. Before anyone calls me a bleeding heart ,i rather be that ;than sneer at others misfortune. Who knows what lies ahead.

So what should one write about, the wonderful world or the miseries of it?

You tell me.

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