Ah the Elections!

We are not like the USA, we don’t have primaries or State selections, we normally have a few weeks/ a months campaign, and then we vote and are done with it.
This year ,however, after a five year term of parliament(which also is a new one),we have had the politicians trying to sell themselves on and off for nearly 18 months.
The British people are a bit weary the whole thing!
They don’t like being told the same thing again and again,they like their politicians to say what they mean and mean what they say! The word “spin” was not in the British vocabulary until the Blair government appointed two very able ‘spinners”.

The Blair government had Alister Campbell and Peter Mandelson, the latter became known as the “prince of darkness’, they had honed the art of spinning to perfection, ad we as the public were mesmerised. The press was dominated by these two masters. We were given the “sound bites”and they had the desired effect and we believed in the labour’s theme song; “It can only get better”.
But it didn’t get better and all ended in tears, the press rebelled and started to dig and found the secrets of the spin masters, as a result one of them resigned, the iraq war happened and we had the biggest deficit in the British history. And we were hit with a bleak recession.
Cue another general election, but the spin weary public was not going to believe anyone any more, no one got majority and we ended up with a coalition government, between the Conservatives and the Liberals.
We have had since some economic recovery,but as the public is so weary ,we have also had the longest election campaign in the history,as the mantra of the ordinary folk is that they don’t trust the politicians.
At the moment for all of us ,the 7th of May cant come soon enough,as we all are suffering from spin fatigue!

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