Blogging ..what is it about?

These days we all can set up a page and blog, as indeed i am doing, on one hand it is good to have the freedom to put our thoughts in the public domain,on the other it affords everyone else the freedom to criticise and abuse you.
I blogged on a newspaper site for some seven years, I have made many friends, learnt a lot about gardening in particular and life in general,oh and about religion too! As I don’t subscribe to any organised religion,it was an education for me!
it was a very good site to begin with, but then people started having fueds, it is fine to disagree and argue in the context of the blog/discussion;but not personal affairs.
It was sad that those who once have been friends and might have shared personal information ,were now using it make their point on a public site.
I suppose we all fall out with each other from time to time but we do not pursue that argument and try and run down that person at every possible opportunity in public.
And that is my point, it is fine to have quarrels, disagreements and disputes,but it is not fine to air it publicly and to give out personal information.
Once upon a time it was considered libellous,now just because we have the opportunity to do go public doesn’t make it all right.
At least I don’t think so, but then again am an old fashioned person,and perhaps my ideas are old too!
Am willing to listen and learn though though!

3 replies to “Blogging ..what is it about?

  1. Welcome to WordPress, Sabina! 🙂 Hope your friends find you here and lovely to see you blogging. Libel is still libel but hey, it’s not hard to have a discussion and disagree with someone in a civilised manner without being offensive or breaking the law.


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