Election Promises

One or two of you might have realised that we are about to have a general election, well i can forgive anyone who will stop reading at this juncture, because there seems to be enough said about it from morning till night on all of our media. You cant turn on any device or pick up a newspaper , and not read about it.
Enough is enough,I hear you say.
Just give a thought to the desperation of our politicians, as the dreaded day gets closer, they raise the tempo and say anything which comes to mind,without thinking it through.
For example our beloved prime minister said a few weeks ago that all health care professionals, doctors and nurses should do voluntary work once a moth.
None idea am sure, but how about the hospitals? Skilled professionals like intensive care and operating theatre nurses can not found to replace those who have gone to volunteer for they. And how will the hospitals finance it, cash strapped as they are?
Never mind, perhaps it was just a thought!
Today we have the leader of the opposition saying that we should have a law against islamophobia ,same as the anti-semitic laws.
Haven’t we got enough laws governing what we say/do and even think at times?
The police is cash strapped,they already have laws against hate speech, harassment and physical violence,do we need more laws?
And would this now draw a further wedge between the already strained relationship between the followers of islam and the rest of the country?
Never mind ; you have to realise it is only a week or so left and they politicians are getting desperate.

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