Going Solo

We are social animals, we love the company of others.Families and friends when we are growing up and when we do grow up, we choose a life partner.
Partner for whose life?
Well happened in my life, after being married for very many years, some two years ago, I lost my husband ,to a sudden and aggressive cancer.
We all know that life is finite but none of us the duration, so even after his diagnosis, I did not contemplate being on my own,and then suddenly the day arrives when you are on your own.
My children are caring and loving, but they have busy careers, spouses and family, we see each other, as and when they can find time,but most of the time I have to keep myself occupied and interested in life.
You suddenly start getting the promotional literature and emails for mobility gadgets and funeral costs and taking insurances for care homes.
It takes a while to get used to shopping for one person, you miss the presence of another to share jobs, bounce ideas or even discuss anything which is worthy of discussing! The elections, the atrocities around the world or trivia like the new movie release you think will be quite fun to watch.
Am not into self pity, I feel I have had a charmed life, had a long marriage,am not hard up and have no worries about my children who are settled and successful in life.
So what is next for me?
Am certainly not booking a place in a care home! Am active and have good health,I would like to think that i am engaged and interested in the world around me. Have good friends and neighbours and my beloved garden.
So sad though it was,am enjoying my own company, the freedom of choice and the ability to make decisions on my own.
I shall not be looking for love on the internet sites either!
Love is something spontaneous, if I meet someone and that spark happens , well and good ,if not then hey there ia a lot more to enjoy in life, not just a partner.
So being solo is not as traumatic as it seems, as long as you enjoy others company as well as your own!

9 replies to “Going Solo

  1. Dear Sabina,

    This is something, a subject, I think about more and more every day.

    I just hope that if I depart earth before my wife she will have the same strength you have shown over the past months. It’s not an easy job for women to maintain a house and all the chores that go with it let alone deal with all the other problems being widowed brings about.

    From what I have seen in my lifetime, men are even worse at coping with being left alone than women. I’m eight years older than my wife so maybe I’ll go first. I’m positive I would be lost with out her.



      1. Yes thanks busy but productive-made some bread yesterday &a cake today. I’m not really a baker but both turned out ok. Also some plastering got done (not by me) and plans made for new trellis.

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      2. Hi Hawthorn
        this comment was posted in May,I was sure I had replied to it but obviously have not! Am impressed with your culinary skills, cakes ,bread and dinner parties! What can I say you put me to shame. Hope you are enjoying your week and the sun is shining for you.


  2. well you have been busy! So you are staying put then and not moving? What are you going to train on the trellis and how is the planing for the garden going?
    You really must come down to Somerset sometimes.


  3. So here you are, Sabina and going solo with your own site!

    Sorry due to my inefficiency, no doubt, I could only reply to a comment already on your post, rather than a new one.

    You have so many friends on MyT that I’m surprised you are rarely there but it’s not a bad idea to take a break. It can be a bit argumentative at times!

    Thank you for letting me know where you are. Perhaps you may feel like commenting on the Chariot occasionally.

    I hope you and the family are well, and I know you are always busy.
    Take care.


    1. Thank you for looking in Araminta, I was impressed by the photography competition, and liked it. Am not much of a photographer but I do appreciate them. I have been taking a break from MT,but will be blogging there soon. Hope you and the family are well.


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