It is over!

so the election is over, am sure the political pundits and commentators, who were on air or tapping on their computers all hours,are faced with a sense of loss. Suddenly there is another to pontificate ,pronounce on.
Love it or loath it, but the media did a tireless job of bringing the politics into our homes,explaining and giving us the choice to make up our mind.
I was part of the BBC2’s Newsnight’s focus group. Six of us from different parts of the country,with differing views on politics and on life; were asked to vote every week on the political statements,and give our views.
I was lucky to go to London twice,and we as a group listened to the leaders debates , and were asked if any of us have been persuaded by the leaders to change our political allegiance,none of us did, and this remained throughout the campaign, for the last six weeks or so, we knew who we were going to vote for.
This begs the question as to is there any merit in having polls ever five minutes? Perhaps not.Though they serve the purpose of us examining our ideas,contrasting them with the opposition and reaching our own conclusion.
There is very little to choose from, between the major parties,sometimes it is the personalities of the leaders too. Labour has had a history of having so called ‘un -charismatic” leaders.Michael Foot, Neil Kinnock come to mind.That doesn’t mean they were not decent people or politicians, but in this media obsessed world, we need them to look right,walk the walk and talk the talk!
The really charismatic leader they ever had was Blair, and look what he did, from being the darling of the people, he became the most reviled political figure in British politics.
So the buts and ifs will continue for days, within hours four of the leaders of the other parties have resigned, so perhaps it is now out with the old and on with the new!
All I can say is this has been the most talked about and engaged election, i for one have read/listened to all the debates and even given the nation my own take on it and have really enjoyed it.

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