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Hello Everyone

I have been taking a break, the first since I have been here,hope you have missed me! I certainly have.

The reasons were many ,but the most important one was that I was a bit fed up with constant arguments and bickering, and a few times I looked in there were so many cloned identities, talking about peoples private lives, not very nice I thought.

Anyway am here as well i have set up a word press page for myself,so when the mood takes me , I go there and vent my spleen.

, Am here to ask your advise. In past I have always talked to all of you, about my life and whatever is happening,and you have never failed me. So here is another one for you.

I have been asked to be a guest in a debate in Glouscter, on the 24th of this month. I am thinking about it, it looks as if I will be the only woman on the panel. Now the same radio station did a programme from a Mosque,or rather a make shift place in my town,i was the guest and they wanted to ask if women are oppressed in Islam. It was a resounding yes from me, the trouble was that despite a lot of publicity,and me trying to ask a lot of muslim women to come,no one turned up. i was in a room of a group of hostile looking men, looking at me daggers drawn.,( I did a blog at the time).

Recently,some 4 weeks ago , 4 burly men turned up at my doorstep. beards, skull caps and traditional garb, they asked for my husband just by his surname,when I said he wasn’t “in’, they said they were looking for me, I asked why,and they said they wanted to talk to me about religion! But will not come in as i was on my own. I just shut the door.

I live in a close where all of my neighbours are friends and very protective of me. They were not amused and advised caution, I have a friend who is a serving police offer , I emailed her,she was very concerned,made a note and said she will get the local intelligence team to keep an eye on my house.

I never do talk about religion,so was a bit miffed. And the local mosque denied all knowledge of the men’s where about.

So in light of all this,should I attend the debate/

Here is the flyer for it.

Hosted by BBC’s Manny Masih










Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire, Dame Janet Trotter

Past Teacher and Lecturer in Religious Education

Sheikh Mohammed Amin Kholwadia

A Scholar of Islamic Traditions and Founder of Darul Qasim

Rt Revd Dr Lee Rayfield

Bishop of Swindon, Diocese of Bristol

Mukhtyar Singh

An Orthodox Sikh and an Education Officer in Sikh Traditions

, Inderpal Kaur

An Orthodox Sikh and a Sikh Scholar

Dr Gopalakrishna Rao

A Hindu Scholar

Sabina Ahmed

Has a Muslim background, with strong views on women in Islam









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