Mind your language!

I know English is not my first language, and I don’t have any intention of correcting anyone,as God knows I make many mistakes,but these days the use of the language is such,even by broadcasters  and instruction books writers  that am left perplexed.

Here are a few example.

The other day the BBC’s Asian network kept reporting, that a woman’s body was found in locked in a black case floating in the river ,and the police were treating it as “suspicious”!

Err I would have been really shocked if the police wouldn’t have been treating it as “suspicious”! We don’t know of many cases where someone can lock themselves in a case to die and then throw it in the river!

Do you?

Take the instruction book for my dishwasher,I normally don’t often read them,but I did in this case and was alarmed to think that the manufacturers think that I, the user is completely devoid of common sense and any kind of intelligence.

Here are some of the instructions.

1. Use the dishwasher only to wash dishes. Err yes the clue is in the name.

2.Do not sit on the door, the machine might tip.

3.The water in the appliance is not for drinking.

4.To prevent stumbling, only open for loading/unloading.

One sewing book had a detailed diagram of a needle, and it describe the eye of the needle and informed us that it was for threading ,and diagram of it being threaded. And a warning that the point can be “sharp”.

I cant understand ,if it is because they are translated from languages (German and Swiss), or is it because despite our progress in electronics, space technology,medical science etc; we have lost the ability to do simple task or are unable to work anything ,without being led by the nose to do something?

We should be told.

So have you come across similar explanations and have been left muttering under your breath, like I have?


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