Last week, at the Hay Literary festival. an author was taken to task for referring to a woman in the audience as a “lady”. The author in question asked others for an opinion, as to why referring to a woman as a lady was rude?

I said I will be flattered to be referred as such,being called a woman is fine,but being referred to as a lady ,in my opinion is respectful.

Obviously not,and this is something new for me, when did the term “lady” became disrespectful?

One man said that it is hard to be polite these days, you are seen as being disrespectful?

How can this be?

People rarely say please and thank you, they push past you without a word .

When I was growing up my father always talked about England, its beauty, cleanliness and the good manners and how polite everyone was.

And yes when I came to England in 1970, I too experienced the same, everyone had a sense of justice and fair mindedness,people stood up and offered their seats to the elderly , and mothers with young children, pregnant women and even just ordinary women like me!

So what has gone wrong?

I always thought that it was for the parents to teach manners to their children,give them a sense of the right and wrong, and schools were there to give them educaton. obviously not, it seems parents these days do not take any repressibility , they want the schools to do it all, am I right in thinking this?

it’s been said that a lot of young adults don’t know how to shake hand with others, they just offer their hand “which is like a wet lettuce’ one commentator said!

Youngsters are these days masters of technology  but very poor at human skills.

What about us adults though? Are we good role models for them?

You tell me.

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