I was very angry watching the Newsnight last night. Those who know me ,know that this doesn’t happen often.

Actually I don’t remember  being this cross ;for a long time.

The Planing minister has said that the housing shortage is due to the over sixties.


it smacks of sheer indifference and arrogance.As if those who are over sixty,are the discarded generation,they don’t have a right to live in the houses of their choice.

According t this report,there are 700,000 bedrooms which are under occupied ,in the houses  the “elderly” live,and if they moved out of those houses into ,as he suggests “retirement homes” or villages ;then theses houses can be used by the young.

This statement is flawed ,arrogant and insulting on many fronts.

first of all the so called” elderly” have worked hard all their lives and saved enough to afford a decent home for themselves,are they not entitled to live their as long as they want to ,without being told to move out ?

It smacks of arrogance and short sightedness, perhaps the minister thinks he is never going to get old?

It sounds as if this generation is expendable,to be dictated to,that they should leave their houses and live somewhere ,where the government decides to make a colony for them.

They showed Florida as an example. Excuse me but I will not be seen dead among that crowd.They all looked ghastly,self absorbed and trying to outdo each other on their mobility scooters.

How about the wisdom and the experience of life,what the older people can provide by living in a mixed community?

I live in a large house,but this is a family home,my children and grand children come here to relax and to have fun.We have family gatherings, their school friends pop in, if I lived in a flat,I will never be able to have this pleasure.

There was a talk about running costs, yes it is high,but some of us can afford it,we are not in debt nor are we asking anyone to subsidise it.We have a sense of community. When my neighbours daughters got married, twice I offered my house for the young bridesmaids to stay,and they did. Am sure a lot of us who live in the houses of our own choice ,we do so because we can afford to, and love to be there.

Besides ,am not sure any first time buyer can afford our house,it may not mean anything to anyone, but this is the house we chose and lovingly made it our home,like the rest of my generation,and to suggest that the builders should build more “retirement” villages,where the likes of us should be cast aside,is arrogant ,short sided and stupid.

Watching Newsnight last night,for the first time I wanted to throw something on the television.

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