Culture sensitive?

A high court judge has defended an Asian (Indian) father for smacking his child.

The judge said that the social services should have taken into account that the man concerned has recently arrived in this country,and his “cultural sensitivities should be respected”.

Whether you agree or disagree with smacking children ,and I don’t. I was able to discipline  my children simply by taking away treats and explaining and negotiating, I do understand that sometimes children can push you to the limits,my problem is with the law of the land.

I don’t have a problem with cultures where it is the norm,as it was in this country,when every teacher/ headmaster possessed a cane. And children were physically punished routinely.

I was physically punished when I was growing up, and I think I bear no scars, visible or otherwise.

I do have problem with the judge saying that the fathers culture should be respected.

When I go to another country,am expected to,and I do obey the rule of the land, whatever that might be. if I don’t like it ;I do not visit that place. I have never been to any middle eastern country,as I detest their chauvinist  attitude,and their patriarchal  society.

So when someone comes to this country, hey too must obey the rules.

God knows we have created enough problems,by allowing people to do as they wish as their culture demands it. We have created ghettos, and parallel  societies. We have tolerated forced marriages, genital mutilations and women who divorced simply by uttering a few words and have no right in the marital assets.

It has led to racism, hatred and a huge them and us’ culture.

Have we learnt nothing from our past mistakes? Do we need to ignore the law of the land to accommodate the new comers culture,I don’t think so.

What do you think?


One reply to “Culture sensitive?

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