Women and Ageing

A week or so ago someone wrote an article in the Telegraph,about women and ageing.

According to the author, she doesn’t know how old her mother is,as she has never talked about her age,so no one knows ,exactly how old she is.

My daughter in law, whose mother was a model once, is in the same boat, no one knows her age. She doesn’t allow her grand children to call her grandma, nor are her children are allowed to call her mother, she is addressed by her first name, by everyone.

That of course is an exception,not everyone does that,but it is true that women do lie about their age.

I don’t lie but I don’t like broadcasting my age! You take me as you find me; you can make up your own mind,I don’t want to be labelled!!

So why is this that women don’t like talking about their age?

I think firstly women are judged by their looks, a lot more than men do. Men somehow look and get better as they age. We women put too much emphasis on our appearance. This is I think, is due to centuries of being treated as something decorative. A woman’s appearance  is constantly discussed and judged even in this 21st century.

Wh can forget the photo of Ms May’s leopard skin shoes,which adorned the front pages of all the newspapers. Including the Telegraph,and was discussed ad nauseam.

The Duchess of Cambridge ‘s outfits are constantly discussed and described in detail. Where as the Duke’s suits get no mention at all!

Why do you think it is?

Is it because outfits are easier to comment on,than the person in them, or is it because women are still considered adornment men like to have beside them?

Or is it our own fault, that we women have paid so much attention and given such importance to our looks and our age that no one looks beyond it?

What do you think?


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