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Fathers Day

Happy Fathers day to you all.

The relationship of fathers,with their children is not as much talked about ,but it is as remarkable and precious . Fathers are mostly absent, earning a living and are not always not there on special occasions, but they love their children as deeply and passionately as mothers do.

They often don’t show it. Or are embarrassed to,especially the men of a certain generation,who consider it silly to reiterate  their love or give lots of hugs and kisses.Some even feel that their love should be evident , when they toil all day to give their family a decent standard of living.

Dawn French ,the comedian said today that ,when she was 14,and wore hot pants for the first time, she admits that she was always a big girl and she shouldn’t have worn them. But her father told her that she looked absolutely beautiful, she says that remark remained with her all her life, and gave her the confidence to face the world,what ever the situation.

Fathers often don’t realise how much influence they have especially on their daughters. My dad was of a generation when saying anything complimentary was considered wrong, as it may make the child big headed and narcissist.

He only hugged me twice when I was growing up,and those moments are still etched in my memory. Otherwise his show of affection consisted of ruffling my hair,and that was a big deal for me.

My husband was one of those too, he loved his children dearly, worked and provided the best for them, but rarely if ever told them so. But we all knew and miss him so much.

So to ALL of you wonderful fathers, you are the rock for your children, you may not always show it to each other,but your children love you as much and think the world of.

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