My problem with the Media

It is not personal!

I really am getting fed up with the publicity given to the ISIL/ ISIS or whatever they are called, overtime a family leaves or someone from there tweets something , the media goes into a collective hand wringing.

The publicity given to the recent family of twelve ,and reams written about it and then the articles in almost every newspaper,sending under cover reporters and then the full spreads about the life of those school girls who fled to Syria. That is exactly what those barbarians want, to be portrayed in the media and considered a threat.

This morning one of the BBC channel was doing a phone in on this subject. A lot of callers said that those who were leaving, felt they could not practice “real Islam”here, and then launched a list of grievances !

A lot of which showed utter and total lack of common sense and understanding of anything, no muslim is being victimised or targeted by any government . There are more Muslim than any other religion from the ethic minorities, so come that the Musli community is being ostracised?

My thinking is,if anyone wants to go to Syria, to fight or live, let them. There is no law against adults choosing where they want to live or when they want to leave the country.

Just secure our borders,and don’t allow them to come back, they have joined a regime which has murdered innocent citizens, they should not be allowed back. After all this is a country which is “hostile” to them and their religion, which has obviously done nothing for them.

They have made a decision to leave it,they should stay away and please can the media stop giving them the undeserved publicity.

I hope you agree with me.

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