Ghosts and Spirits

I listened  to a very interesting programme  this morning, an interview with Canon Paul Greenwell, who has a degree in biology from oxford ,so is a scientist, talking about ghosts and spirits.

The programme can be found here

Selina  Scott , who was interviewing him ,has just bought a copy of Dickens” the  Christmas Carol ” the most famous ghost story. She was also perturbed  by the fact, that the old house she ives in has some vibes in the kitchen,which her dogs don’t like. She leaves the dogs in the kitchen at night and they howl and scratch and want  to get out. One night the dogs were so traumatised,that they have tried to chew the doors to get out, and have injured themselves in doing so.

The Canon said that a person’s memory lingers in the place,long after they are gone. He talked about a family , who have not carried out their mothers wishes ,by not burying her where she wanted to be buried. After the funeral the house had a very strong smell of mothballs,and they have never used mothballs, but their late mothers did. The Canon said he could smell it too.

Children and animals,he said. are much more receptive to such things, we become hardened and cynical and lose our perception.

I was intrigued by an incident he quoted. A man had died, while he was sitting on the toilet,( it happens you know, i have had quite a few such when I was nursing), a year or so later the house was sold, and the little girl in the family kept saying that ” there is a man on the toilet”! Spooky or what!

As someone who has lost a loved one not long ago, I would like to believe that the spirit hangs around, I want to know what your experiences are?

it will be great to know if you have ever encountered such a thing , or felt a presence or are you of the opinion that this is all mumbo jumbo?

Do tell.



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