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My Wild Side!

That made you sit up and take notice didn’t it!

No it is not about me sunbathing or dancing in the Glastonbury festival,it is about the part on the side of my house,which I called my ‘wild garden”.

When we moved into this house,in 1997, this was a patch of rather poor grass. I had it dug up, and topped with a membrane and gravel. It has a wall on one side and the back of our house on the other. I have also had a patio door put in through the study so I could access it through the house, it also has door through the garage and a side gate.

I did have a pergola put n at the same time and planted some Jasmine which has thrived.


HMB please take note! It seems to love it there.

I did put a couple of these silvery foliage plants and they have flourished.



As you can see they have multiplied!

In the back there is a Fatsia Japonica or Castor oil plant.

And there are loads of `Californian poppies, and they make a carpet of orange in the early summer.

I do suffer pangs go guilt at times, that I do nothing to it and it is like a jungle,it is very warm and sheltered too,and very different from my back/front garden.I have Agave and Spider plant growing in it.It does attracts bees and birds.


Should I leave it as it is ,or can its warmth and sheltered position be put to some good use?

Am I justified in considering it as my wild side garden or am just being idle?



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