I bought a copy of the Times, yesterday for my journey back home on the train. This one article caught my eye.

There was a very interesting article, which I found was relevant to all f us of a certain age, by which I mean those of us who are no longer in our twenties! Before you accuse me of calling anyone old.

Research conducted by Professor Ritchie,from the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences ,University of Edinburgh ,in conjunction with the various major research projects across the Europe.

I know the condition I most fear is memory loss and dementia. it says there are 800,000 people in the UK with dementia, and it is said that there will be one million by the end of the decade.

An alarming thought. What makes it difficult is that there is no way of making an early diagnosis. In the 1980s it was thought that it was the deposits of Aluminium in the brain ( known as Amyloid plaques) . Drug companies poured millions into drugs which will dissolve plaques in the brain.They didn’t make the patients better, according to the professor, they were being used too late, then the damage was ir-reversable.

Now it is realised that the process starts in the early fifties, or even in your forties . And is the biggest cause of death among women.

So what can be done?

The risk factors are ; Getting old. Cant help it.

Having wrong Genes. Hmm again cant be helped.

Being a smoker,doubles the risk. Try telling that to the hardened smokers.

Becoming sedentary and overweight. This was quite revealing,it seems sitting down for hours ,( on the computer,writing blogs may be). So sitting down less is advised.It seems being sedentary has negative effect on the brain, the term “Coach potato” is highly relevant.

Being sociable.

A good diet.

Drinking small amounts of red wine.(Small being the operative word)!

The Aluminium theory is still not proven ,so don’t throw away the pans yet.

However there have been certain studies in Finland on healthy volunteers, to see if certain things help boast brain power and reduce the decline.

Diet and exercise and stopping smoking etc, but none were as successful as one.

Some did puzzles and crosswords etc; but nothing was as impressive as ,wait for it!

Staring at a naked man!!! This produced some impressive cognitive changes.

One group was asked to stare at a naked man for several hours a week, or to be precise, they were asked to spend several hours a week , learning how to draw a naked man,in an art class.

Well all the groups showed improvements in their mental performance, but the best of the improvement came from those who were drawing the naked man!

So ,in name of science,I suggest we get some of our bloggers to post their pictures ( worth staring at) so we can all start our own drawings!

I have a mental image of who will be suitable subjects, please feel free to add your own.

1, Tony D.

2. Hawthorn.

3. Charles (Cutley)

4. Amicus. ( I believe a good mind makes an attractive person).

5.  Ludesian.

And being fair minded,I will include females too.

1. Araminta

2. Plum Tart.


4. Bubbles, if she were here

5.Cymbeline . Ditto

Please note I have only included people, I think are worth staring at!!!!

Please add your own.







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