A New World?

NASA says they have discovered a planet which is very much like our Earth.

It probably has water and may be air ,so it can sustain life.

So ,here we are ,with a chance to set up a brand new world,and how will you go about it?

Will you have religion? it is obvious that all the scriptures have been made available by the inhabitants of this world, no one has seen the Almighty hand it down to us, we have been told about ALL religions by their messengers /prophets,who were of course human.

Will you have money? it is said to be the root of all evil ,so will you have more of it or will you replace it with something, bartering may be?

How about boundaries ? Will you have one big planet where everyone is free to go where ever they want to or will you have borders?

We can have a peaceful Hippie world,where everyone can grow their own for and be content ,or will you revert to what you have?

And lastly,will you discriminate  others by their colour/race or religion? If not what will you call this non discriminatory world. it certainly will not be Human!!

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