Yesterday there was a very good programme on BBC’s Radio 4 ,in their Analysis series.

John Ware,the veteran reporter and broadcaster analysed the Prime Ministers recent speech and what it means in reality.


Alison Pearson has also written an article in the daily Telegraph,saying that the PM’s speech was exactly what she has been saying for sometime.

And in the radio programme Any Question’ the panellists,which included Claire Fox said that it is time these issues were debated openly and without the fear of offending anyone.

In the programme “Is Extremism a crime” (link above), throws light on many issues, issues we have not been allowed to discuss or challenge, and now the light seems to be dawning on our establishment that these issues should have been challenged long ago.

Some of us have been saying this for a long time, I remember the first time I ever wrote to a news paper (the Telegraph) was on the issue of the head master Ray Honeyford, there was such condemnation of his concerns,and he was branded racist,( I defended him), years later his concerns have proven to be right i all the Trojan horse affair of the Birmingham schools. In the meantime a whole generation of Asians have grown up with parallel  thinking ,and we have had hoe grown terrorism.

It is true, and perhaps it is the endearing quality of the British culture and the people that they let people be, they do not interfere or impose their thinking, perhaps that tis why the new comers from South Asia, brought their own culture and customs ,and were allowed and supported to live parallel lives.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to follow your own culture,as long as you become part of the country you have decided to make your home, there is no room however to impose your values on the host nation,and completely disregard what their values are.

It is said that the British don’t have any set values, I feel that there are,but as they are non judgemental and fair,they are not imposed or are even talked about.

We have spent millions of pounds on the commissions for racial equality and diversity( irony is that the ex- head of that organisation Trevor Phillips now completelydisagrees with them,after heading that organisation for many years at a vast salary).

My Telegraph has used its fair share of censorship, on matters of Islam and immigration.

Someone said that the Muslin Youth feel isolated,they don’t feel part of the British society, Why is my question, I have brought up two young people, not at anytime in their growing/teenage years did they feel any different. So could it be the laws on diversity and not asking any questions, we have been practicing ,has made them feel different and excluded?

I believe that it is unto an individual to become inclusive,and there have been many many programmes to include and engage the “ethnic minorities” (God I hate that label), so what went wrong, and why they feel dis engaged?

So it is time for plain speaking asking difficult questions and trying to get some answers, do you agree?


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