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Abuse and MT

Am not about to lecture anyone on how to conduct themselves on this site. I have no credentials to do that. my only claim to fame is that I have been here from the day this site started and have never been abused or an abuser.

In the last few weeks, I have logged on, scrolled down and shuddered at some of the comments and logged off.

OK may be I have lived a sheltered life!

But recently ,and especially yesterday some comments on Rosie and Ponsuda ‘s blog were really vile.

On Ponsuda’s blog the person who wrote that comment must really be sick , I was really shocked. Am glad Amicus objected and the comment was removed.

On Rosie’s blog someone constantly impersonates her and talks about her daughter ,her grand daughter and who they are or not married to, what business is of anyone? The same goes on about the personal life of Adextra, Why?

Ok if you are offended/irritated by their blogs then say so, find counter argument,question the authenticity ,why rake over their private iife in such vile manner?

In all the seven years I have been here,I have not seen such persecution and such vile accusations and language.It allegedly happened late at night, I never saw it,but in the middle of the day , at least I have never seen it.

I have known personal feuds  and accusations but language like the one which was on Ponsuda’s blog ,was unique.

So who are these people? Do they,if they are having a bad day at office,just come here and pick at random  at someone, anyone to vent their bile?

I remember Charles once wrote about it, I find that bloggers like Charles and Haymaker write here less and less,so soon this site will be a play ground for people who will pursue their vendettas  here , well I certainly wouldn’t want to be a part of it .

I have loved this site, got to know some great people,but if it is  going to be the way it has been for the last few weeks ,I want no part of it.

I saw a comment by someone calling the Ex-pat bloggers as whores, as well as a new blogger, I wonder if they consider that is a civilised way to speak to a total stranger.

I wonder if they will approach a woman on the street and call her a whore?

Is it safe to be anonymous and bully others????

How sad we have become.


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