Memories 14

“The web of your life is of a mangled yarn,good and ill together”.

William Shakespeare.

I am not religious, I have always believed in a Supreme power, I just don’t agree with man made religions, that is what they are, pronouncement and diktats to further their own agenda. it takes away the individual freedom to choose your own way in life.

According to Pascal’s pronouncements about faith. If, he argued ;you went through the motions of faith, went to Church, Temple, Mosque, acted as though you believed,sooner or later, you would indeed acquire faith.

I think the same is true of relationships; think of them as a stage of grace,act as if ieverything is as you wanted and it might,just become that!

Successful marriages I rather think are the ones when each party makes the other feel that they are the person they want to be with. We are in an age where each one of us feels that we have a right to happiness, instead of it being a blessing,something to work for , or an extraordinary bit of good luck. There is no such thing as an ideal marriage.

We would have been married for 48 years this October,has death not parted us. Perhaps it was a case of  extraordinary bit of luck in my case!

We took a tour of India ,in 2007, we travelled to Delhi, Agra and the usual haunts of  Jaipur,Jodhpur and Udaipur.

I remember visiting the Red Fort in Delhi,standing in front of a huge painting and being transported back to when I was eight years old,and visited the Red Fort with my parents. I remember being stunned and amazed ,standing in front of the Fort. My mind trying desperately to picture the splendour and the past life in that place.

The Mogul Empire was one of the greatest, I have read a lot about it.  I was born not long after India has got its independence, and the country was trying to forget its immediate past.Not much was talked about the British, but there was great pride and nostalgia towards the Mogul empire.

I remember walking around the red Fort, wide eyed and awe stricken, touching the walls; the enormous doors, running my fingers over them,may be trying to absorb some of the  majesty of that era.

The processions with elephants and thousands of servants,carrying wonderful trays full of Emeralds, rubies and pearls. Women bedecked in gold and jewels hidden in palanquins, covered with heavy brocade curtains,trying to peep out from the tiniest of a gap. i could imagine all the details in my head.

That was the India of yester years. Now I have lived abroad for more than 48 years. Now when I visit that country,I swoop down on the landscape like a bird of prey,in an aeroplane and enter the country as a visitor. India today is a very different place,where I am a stranger.

I never understood why the Moguls, who were also invaders were accepted more than the British? The British at least gave the railway, the architecture and the civil service! The post independence India was a country trying to stand on its own two feet and trying to forget its immediate past,very Anti European, with a great emphasis on home made goods, imports were banned.

Today’ India is full of British companies,running call centres and dot com companies, British run schools and is a haven for European designers,cosmetic companies to sell their ware. India has come full circle.

The trouble with living in a country where you were not born is,you don’t have the early memories!

When you think of your early childhood, the landscape is very different. Your friends reminisce  of the Counties they grew up in,their summers and winters are very different to your own. Though most of your adult life you share the memories with your friends, but have none of those you knew as a child. You find yourself alone in a fast reseeding landscape.

Though it is remarkable how many like minded people there are across the world. The friends I have made in England, we are so much in tune in our thinking, ideals and passions. That goes to show that friendship is not confined to the same culture or language or past. That is where I feel sad for those of us who come from another country and feel lonely. They perhaps feel that no one will understand them.

So far from the truth.

To be continued.

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