Cure for Ageing

A few days ago some one commented that I looked 70, and possibly could be 80! This was meant to be an insult, as if I could have avoided getting old,and now that I am,I am no longer someone worth consideration or respect,in other words calling someone old is used as a term of abuse and insult.

Last week we have heard the stories of of the elderly being neglected and treated badly in hospitals, their crime? They are old. Have we come to believe that old age is optional? That we will remain youthful and young for ever,and old age is something which happens to sad people like me? The blogger who wrote this comment certainly did. Perhaps he/she will never grow old and frail.

We do have this obsession with remaining young and beautiful, Yesterdays Telegraph carried an article on this subject. “The Modern day Methuselahs” . The article talked about raw food diets, hormone injections and chromosome shortening microbes! It seems it is the shortening of the chromosomes is responsible for ageing. So there are tablets retailing at £400 for 90 capsules. And you need at least three to four a day for a long time,despite this they have sold “150 units in one month”.

There is talk of our average life span being increased to 125 years, so who would like to live to be that age.

Is this our love affair with youth which is making us dislike older people? Perhaps we feel that it is possible to remain young for ever and we are angry at those who have the temerity to grow old and frail.

So when did old age became a term of abuse? Are we not depriving ourselves of the wisdom, patience and knowledge the older generation has to offer by simply ignoring them and wishing they were not here?

I think it is so sad.

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