Proteas ,Prosecco and a lot of fun!

I was not going to blog about Creative writing Group meeting, but everyone has been so kind and have been saying  such kind things about me that I will have to put the other side of the story!

Looking at the comments , they give the impression that I was gracious and patient and did put up with a bunch of people who just turned up at my door!

Some of you have written such touching and beautiful emails( you would,wouldn’t you;after all you are a bunch of creative writers!), Pavlova Queen, Fizz, Giselle ,thank you so much for such kind words, and Bleda, your email made me cry. How generous you are in yur appreciation,am not sure I deserve it but I was chuffed that you considered me worthy of such praise. Thank you,I will be writing to you.

And thank you Pavlova Queen, as you can see I have pinched the title from your email! Plagirism>

So ,to tell the truth I was a bit nervous of the whole process,Saturday dawned and I was up at the crack of it. Fussing and checking everything, I changed two outfits,and though I knew I couldn’t improve on how I looked ,I was trying!

I was showered, made up and ready for the day,what ever it had in store,. I will be lying if I will say that I didn’t have trepidation, I was thinking that either it will go so badly that I will never be on MT again,or ,,may be, just may be it might be a success.

And ! saw a BMW estate trying to back up in my drive, here it goes ;I though as I opened the front door. A smiling, tall and elegant couple emerged ,and asked me if I was who they think I was. It was Expat Angie and her other half. Bearing various gifts, chocolates, Champaign and a beautiful plant arrangement.

The ice was broken, I was feeling confident , what a lovely couple . They were interested and wanted to see my garden and looked at the loads of family photos I have around the house.

The next to arrive were Pavlova Queen and Giselle. Tall ,slim and elegant women, carrying armfuls of beautiful flowers,Proteas, roses and lilies ,my most favourite colours and flowers. I have a huge fascination for Proteas,they are such wonderful,majestic and colourful blooms, as they are the national flower of South Africa, you can say they were instrumental in my wanting to that country.

How did these ladies know about my love affair with those flowers? I was instantly hooked. As they say love at first sight. Pavlova Queen is such a fun person,with a wicked sense of humour, a twinkle in her eyes and with a beautifully sexy voice. What is not there to like!.

Next to arrive was Bleda and Charles, the whole enterprise of the CWG is due to Bleda and Fizz, two dedicated , charming beings,who put so much time and effort for the enjoyment of others. A rare quality in this day and age.

Bleed has thought of everything. He came armed with disposable plates, forks, pretty napkins, cider on tap,Bacardi, mixer drinks and even lemon .

Archie rang me at 7pm on Friday,asking me if I knew a bed and breakfast , I didn’t of course, But he did manage to secure a bed in a nearby place and arrived on foot,quite hot with the effort.He took charge of some decent wine and retired to the conservatory to admire my garden and appreciate the wine.

Lost in words turned up armed with beer and carrot cake ,which he has made, I a  like a man who can cook. Colmore came with Fizz, with bags of food.

Pavlova Queen is a wizard in the kitchen, within minutes she has produced a zingy dressing for the salad, Fizz and Giselle arranged the table, opened the bottles and the proceedings commenced.

We talked and laughed and shared the creative process, (or learnt from it in my case), discussed how we write and what inspires us, and various methods we use in the creative process. Before we knew ,it was nearly 6PM, Bleda and Charles and Expat Angie had to go.

We spent a delightful afternoon,talking to American Mum and Chester and Turkish jenny on Skype. Giselle being a dab hand at technology and producing not one, but two iPads ,and connecting us across the Atlantic in no time.It was Turkish Jenny’s birthday. We chatted with her as if we have known her for years, American Mum,Chester and Turkish Jenny, immediately  become one of our group. It was magical.

Fizz has ordered buffet lunch,and delicious it was too. So it was the enterprise of Fizz and Bleda, and hard work and good will of  others , which made this such a success,I seem to be getting un deserved acclaim.

Bleda, Charles, and Expat Angie had to go, but Archie, Colmor , Fizz, Giselle and Pavlova queen and I ,sat chatting laughing ,drinking wine until about 11Pm, and then us three girls sat laughing until about 1Am.

And went to bed happy and relaxed. What a perfect day it has been

So you see, I was in no way responsible for anything,it was a privilege  to have such lively,interesting people around and I am the one who should  b thanking you all.

I loved it, and let us hope we will do it again.

Thank you My Telegraph and the internet ,I would never have met such lovely people otherwise.


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