Sweet as sugar

Jamie Oliver, the Chef has been doing the rounds of the media, telling us that there should be a tax on sugar.

The fact is, that sugar consumption does lead to obesity and diabetes, We have a very big rise in the type 2 diabetes, and especially anong children/

There is a simple explanation.

We all have a hormone called Insulin in ur bodies, secreted by our pancreas. Its main function is to neutralise the sugar we eat,and make it useable for our tissues to derive energy from.

When we eat sugary things, Insulin rushes in to neutralise it. Once it has mopped up the sugar(it is turned into Glucose) , it is available for to us as energy,for our muscles to use.

Once the Insulin has mopped it up, it is rushed for action , we get a high,and then a slump, and it triggers hunger, so we eat more and more,leading to obesity, more importantly, repeated rushes of insulin either make you deficient or you the insulin stops being able to neutralise the sugar.

Both situations lead to type 2 Diabetes.

Alarmingly we have a bigger incidence of this type of diabetes among school age children.

What annoyed me was the fact that a T.V. Chef is campaigning for it. When we have people like Nigella and the Bake off constantly romanticising  the sugary food.

And today it seems, the report of health committee which  stated these facts was suppressed by the government.

And Mr Cameron ,out right rejected the notion of having a sugar tax, and now his office says that he has not read the report, when he outright rejected the notion!

Nice one Mr Cameron.

Perhaps the Sugar lobby is a very powerful one.

So what so you feel? Will the tax work, or are we doomed to have a nation full of diabetics?

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