Dear Mr Ambassador

In today’s Telegraph  the Saudi Ambassador  has written an article, telling us how much we need his country to protect us, How recently  the people and the media of Britain are making noises against his kingdom!


He very pompously  tell us that it is a sovereign state and it is based on Islam, end of! In other words they can do what they want and the world has no right to ask any questions of them.

Let me as someone who is not an indigenous  western person, whose origins are from the East and who was born in a Muslim family, let me tell you why I dont like your country and what you stand for.

I ,with my husband visited your country in the 1980. My mother in law was there for a pilgrimage and both of my brother in laws were employed as civil engineers  in one of the construction company. Your police and other authorities, treated the workers from South east Asia, as sub humans. They were afforded no respect . The police will stop them in the street, pull them out of the their vehicles and demand to see there “papers”. Slapping , spitting on their faces and kicking was not un-heard of.

The way your people treat the Filipino maids is well known, rape, beatings and kicking and breaking limbs is considered justified.

You say you rule according to Islam, really? Does Islam allows treating another human so cruelly, just because they are poor and depend on the salary  you pay,for their livelihood?

Your government does nothing to bring the culprits , who do these things to the poor ; to justice.

You say that there are rumours that the convoy of your some prince or other was responsible for the hundreds of deaths during the Haj stampede, why should we believe you? You haven’t produced any evidence to the contrary , as they say it is your word against them, and why should we believe you?

You say you are committed to combat terrorism, this must be a new leaf,because Osama Bin Ladin was from your country,and so were the 9/11 bombers,so what have you contributed t the world?

Yu have imposed the worst possible version of Islam, advocating, oppressing women, beheading, chopping off limbs and imprisoning any one who dares to say anything different.

You seem to brag about the one incident when you warned the our government of an impending attack, big deal, one right doesn’t make up for all those wrongs, all those terrorists you have bred.

So Mr Ambassador, please dont tell us to respect you, respect is earned not demanded.

I live in a truly democratic. secular and civilised country, and though this country sticks to the human rights, rule of law and justice for all, he UK never demands to be liked , and dont get me started on the way your article is written

Full of pomposity and misleading.

Good Night.

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