Love on the Internet!

Everyday we hear about women (especially) being scammed, mostly those who are on their own The other day on radio 4 they interviewed two ladies who have been scammed out of £24,000 and £57,000 respectively. They were women living on their own, due to life circumstances,but sounded educated and intelligent, so it cant be said that they were not savvy  and worldly wise.

They mentioned people posing as Army officers.

My ears pricked up. As I have a Google email address,it picks up all my activity on the web automatically, it posts links to my blogs here. So there are a lot of people who leave comments ,and they mostly have been on the topic and interesting, I have had that account for years,and have never had any problem. Google has posted my links on their “hangouts”,where if you wish ,you can chat, make free phone calls or just post messages. Suffice to say I have never used it.

Then some months ago I got a request to be friends with a Major General. His photo was posted, his profile said he was based in the peace keeping force and based in Iraq. I looked him up on the web,and indeed there was a page, he is a decorated General, there were pictures of him with his family, children and grand children etc. I was impressed ,but cautious enough not to respond to his friendship request. I got a message from him. A eulogy to my looks and how impressive i was as a blogger!


I read the message,because obviously I was flattered, but by the second line alarm bells were ringing in my head. The message was written in such poor English and was so full of grammatical mistakes, I dont think he could have got a job  as a dishwasher,never mind an army general!

I promptly deleted his message.

Then in the last few weeks there have been some six messages, all from Army officers! Some British, some American and no one under the rank of a Colonel or a General! They all have their official profiles available if you google them,but am sure it is the criminals who are using their identities.

The police officer who spoke about these scams also mentioned that most of these scammers posed as either Army personnels or businessmen.

I have now deleted myself from Google Hangouts, I had never chatted with anyone,but the numbers of requests was growing.

So the moral of the story is that there are people who prey on women,especially those who are on their own,I suspect the way to a woman’s heart ,often is through flattery. Add to it loneliness,and you can see why they find their prey so easily.

One of the posters actually proposed marriage!

I wish there is more publicity of such scams, and I do wish the Army officers will safeguard their profiles more.

I knew that if something is too good to be true, it usually is!


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