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Seasons Greetings

From me to all of you, may the season of Goodwill to All Men/ Women bring you peace and joy.

So how are you all and what are you doing for Christmas and where are you going to be or plan to be?

When you think about it ,here we are from so many different places in the  world, it will be nice to exchange our plans and wishes for the coming festivities , and give ourselves a sense of being part of the same human race!

We are often so full of anger,hostility and fear on these pages,but when you think about it,it is all transitory, we go about planing, preparing and organising and suddenly something happens and our world turned upside down.

I know, I think in 2011,I had blogged ,on summers evening, full of optimism and contentment , that I was really happy. I have everything I said smugly. my garden, my family and peace. And within a fortnight my world turned upside down,as now my late husband was diagnosed with advanced cancer, till then there was nothing to suggest that anything was wrong.

A few of our fellow bloggers have recently been told of similar illnesses. I am particularly thinking of Charles, whose family must be spending an anxious Christmas, Charles my best wishes are with you all and am sure everyone else on this site will join me in wishing you all the same.


I think one should make most of every minute of one’s life,every day as it was your last, as who knows!

So it is over to you, tell me how ad where are you spending your Christmas ?






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