So to Living; Part two

I have not written much bout my visit to South Africa in November last year. It was one of those holidays,where you can travel without being penalised for travelling on your own.That doesn’t mean it is a singles holiday, just that you are not ripped off because you are on your own.

Most of the fellow travellers were women, mostly divorced or widowed,and majority have not had any children. They were fancy free and footloose,in a manner of speaking.

One thing did strike me ,that they were very free with their money. They were extensively travelled, happy and free of any guilt,for spending their money. So does having children restricts you from enjoying yourself, perhaps not, but some of us feel that money should be spent wisely, as the future of your children and grand children is always in the back of your mind.

Funny that, you give the best years of your life to having and rearing your children, you always put your children first in everything, your thinking, energies and income all it seems has only one purpose,to give your children the best of what you have to offer. And when they have flown the nest,you grieve, and then you long to be with them, but they find that life outside home is much more fun, parents seem boring and tedious, who cling on to memories!

Am often told that the in the East, parents are never left alone, thy are respected and revered, Hmmm, am not so sure. Yes the attitudes are different. Old people are taken seriously,but are they really loved and cared better? Am not sure.The pressure is there, society expects the younger generation to care for their parents,it is frowned upon if ones parents are confined to a care home, or live on their own; almost no parent lives on their own. But inside the four walls, how well they are looked after, how much they are really over and cherished is another matter. I have seen and heard of some really sad cases.

So back to South Africa, I loved Cape Town, sunny, clean and bursting with colour everywhere. The architecture is amazing,very Dutch and colonial , none of these modern sky scrapers. Surrounded by mountains and boasting a very temperate climate. We travelled extensively, in and around the city, and then to Johannesburg, visiting the townships, Robbin Island, where Mandela was in prison and the Kruger National park.

This was the first holiday I went on my own, and the first time I was able to travel, and just keep my own company,without being nervous, it was I feel the first and important step for me. I met my late husband when I was 19 and married at 21, so I have not known a time when I did things completely on my own. And didn’t go to pieces. I loved walking on my own,going back to my hotel room or sit under the stars in the hotel garden,sipping a drink and just thinking of letting go.

So travel does broaden and improve your mind, in my case for better. There are things in life, you have no control on, it is hard to accept them, I feel I have began the process.

Wish me luck.

PS. This is one of the pictures I took during my travels in SOUTH AFRICA. The blue of the sky and the sea in unforgettable.


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