And so to living..

The recent years have seen a massive rise in on line dating. Every newspaper has one, if you type the word, the search engine lights up like a christmas tree ,hundreds of them. Those who cater for the “Elite” among us and the ones who promise to match every aspect of your personality.

Well wishing friends,try to nudge you towards them, after a suitable period has elapsed  after your bereavement/separation.

I was no exception. A friend of mine insisted that I should have a go.

“Am really not looking for another man, nor do I feel I cant manage my life without one”. I mumbled.

Oh but you should at least try,she insisted. Someone to share interests,maybe go out to the cinema or on a holiday”.

I accept that a friendship or a good relationship with the opposite sex can be very rewarding, and a bad one can ruin your life.

I have known women, who were so scared of being on their own,that they have got into a relationship,and in one case have married someone,simply to “share interests and have the so called companionship,and have discovered too late that life on their own was much more acceptable, than with the new companionship.

So you browse through a dating site,or may be sign up for a free weeks trial. I did.

I started getting the so called “dating support” emails, morning ,noon and night. And to be honest,not a single photo,or bio did anything to persuade me towards paying for and joining the site.

The first hurdle was writing about yourself. It felt like writing an advert for a second hand car. “One owner, maintained and cared for,excellent condition”!

Nah, I thought ,this is not for me.The decision was easy ,but the “support “emails keep coming. Newspapers must be on a mission to eliminate  singles.

Then there are those who want to love you by seeing your photo! I have always blogged with my own name and my photo. Recently I have had loads of messages on my Google blog page. Most are men in uniform! Brigadiers and Lt;Commanders  and Major Generals, one has been writing for sometime, when I did google his name, the name and the photo indeed belongs to a Major General who is based in Afghanistan,and one in Iraq. I could have been very flattered,but the spelling and the grammar in those messages somehow didn’t  reflect the background of these officers. Who are all graduates of Sandhurst , and are all highly respected,and in some cases decorated for their bravery.

I can not for a minute imagine,they will have the time or the inclination to send me messages through Google to say,they like me and would like to get to know me!

One suggested that he was tired of travelling and was looking to settle down! But the English was so poor that I laughed out loud.

So while am not averse to meeting someone on my wavelength, who shares my interest and as a friend, I think I will draw a line at being bombarded with the newspaper website,( they know I only signed up for a weeks free trial, didn’t post a photo, only completed 50% of the profile required), with hundreds of photos of men with inane and in sometime pompous statements!

Well I have myself to blame for signing up,but have hoped it will end after a week.

Little did I know!


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