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A bit of colour for you..

Thought I will share a bit of the magic and colour I experience this week.

The Kew Gardens hosts a Orchids exhibition every year ,from mine Feb to early March. I saw it in 2010, when my husband and I spend the weekend in London,and spend the day in this exhibition.

This year I summed up enough courage to go again,an old friend of mine said she has never been to Kew,so I decided to treat hear,another friend and neighbour joined in and we set off by train on Tuesday morning.

The sun was shining ,and though there was heavy frost,it was one of the those winters day which makes you feel glad to be alive. Shimmering,shining and crispy clear.

I found going to the same place ,where we have spent a fun day together, quite sad, walking to the gardens in through Richmond,I remember looking at those wonderful houses and all the Aston Martins and Bentleys  parked and saying that we were crossing millionaires row`! Anyway it was poignant to think how drastically my life has changed in the last few years. Goes to show ,whatever we plan or wish,we have no control over our destiny.

Enjoy the pictures,a burst of colour in these grey and un certain days, I was not sure if anyone will read my trivia blogs,when these days MT seems to be buzzing with heavy weight blogging and arguments. But a blogger who has recently got in touch with me ,asked me most emphatically to post,so J ,this is for you.



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