Black and White

Did any one watch the Oscars? I watched the highlights the next day. The long ramble by the host and the protest prior to the ceremony, was quite over the top.

We have wonderful black actors like Denzial Washington, Morgan Freeman, Whoppie Goldberg and Sidney Pottier, people with real talent and they have got the fame and fortune they deserved.

I have also been watching the new series “The people V OJ Simpson” on BBC2.

You may well ask what the connection between the two is?

Stay with me on this one!

The whole case collapsed when his attorney came across an item about the arresting detective ,who has made racial remarks in the past ,and he was the one to find the incriminating ,blood stained glove. This was a gift to OJ’s lawyers. The built a whole case around it, making a huge fuss about the racism and the past demeanour  of the said detective.

As a result,if I remember right ,the whole trial collapsed. Am sure most right minded people,whatever their colour or creed ,would not have wanted it.

I have always found the notion that one should be made a special case of,on the basis of their colour,race or religion a bit scary. Historically  it has proved contra productive everywhere.

The recent riots in India, because the people of a lower caste have been given concessions like 50% of jobs and university places are reserved for them, because they are thought to be oppressed.

Making a special case more often than not is contra productive. When people strive, work hard and deservedly get where they want to be, is  hugely satisfying. On the other hand if you are being made a special case of, then even if you are hugely talented, it gets lost under the label of having been given a helping hand.

In my opinion,the actors who are protesting, am sure they are talented and will shine anyway,why they want to be given the label of being made special case ? Besides one cant just slot in a face/character just because there is a quota to do so!

That is how I feel ,how about you?

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