The BBC’s radio Fivelive did a phone this morning  for and about the Expats

It can be listened to here;


They were asking why people move abroad, why they do it, what are the advantages / disadvantages and do they miss anything about their home country, the UK?

I thought of our ex-pats on MY Telegraph, Adextra, MoO, Gaz, Bubble,Haymaker ,some   and many others. And  if they  will ever comeback?


I was amazed as to how many of them were, despite the time difference ;were listening to a British broadcast and were taking part.

There were callers from Cyprus, China, France, Spain,Australia, France, Italy, Abu-Dhabi,  and  from someone who was about to migrate to the USA. The reasons for their migration varied, some wanted the sunshine and some were after better working conditions.


I was surprised as to how many countries called in, and the fact that despite the time difference how many people called in.

Burgundy, Cypress, China , Abu Dhabi, Spain, Eastern Europe , Australia and America and some were in the Eastern Europe, and of course France. Quite a few of them were teachers and said they love the respect they get in China and Abu Dhabi from their pupils.

The most common factor was the weather, a lot of them were after the sunshine, the ones in Abu Dhabi and China, were teacher and  said that they got respect from their pupils, some thought their money went further and the pace of life was relaxed, but, some conceded it worked against as well, when they wanted something done,repaired the relaxed pace meant they had to wait longer!

Almost all missed the changing seasons of the UK. Some wanted to end their days abroad, in some countries like the Abu Dhabi and most of the Gulf States you can not retire or get citizenship,you can only live there during your productive years,once you are old, you have to leave the country unless you are living with someone who can pay for you.

One lady had comeback from Spain only last week, she said she they had bought the most wonderful villa there ,with swimming pool, and superb views. But she missed the restaurants /pubs and the banter and her daughter’s education was suffering so they have decided to come back.

So what ar your reasons, what do you miss about this great country of ours ,and would you ever come back ,if so why ?

Someone also said that you can never completely assimilate, you will always be the ” outsider” , something i would dispute , and wondered if any of you agree with it?



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