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Dear Telegraph

May be no one will take any notice,but I will write this anyway.

Dear Telegraph,

those of us who have been here from the time you started the site My Telegraph,are perturbed that there is no link to this site in your new Telegraph website.

Some of us have contributed to this pages regularly since 2007, without , as some might say,deletion/repetition or causing offence! We have become a community,a sort of Cyber one granted,but a sort of community where we all have come to like each other,,we have conversed and shared our thoughts, our lives and our triumphs and our failures.

Each one of us has brought their own thoughts and we have debated and pondered and often agreed.

So it comes as a shock that we are left totally in dark ,as to what is going to happen to this site? I would say it is a bit rude too,because for whatever reason this site was started it wouldn’t have lasted this long without our input, our blogs, photos and discussion.

I feel it will be nice if you or those in the know will tell us the answers the following questions please;

1. Is this site due for closure, if so when?

2.Are there any plans for including any input by the readers/subscribers in the new shiny web pages of the Telegraph?

3. The Creative Writing Group has done a lot for the profile of this site,what is to become of them? Will you provide a platform for them?

It will be nice to know, a stony silence shows indifference ,and am sure the Telegraph doesn’t want to appear as such to its readers/subscribers.

I always post my blogs links to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google plus, so you not only get a lot of traffic ,and am sure a lot of people would like to know the answers.

Thank you. Best regards.



Hello Everyone, please comment here ,if you agree with me. Am trying to sort my garden so will look in from time to time,but please comment even if you dont agree .



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