Sign of Times?

I remember in the 199os when Jamie Bulger , a little boy was killed by two other children,who were ten  at the time ,we all were shocked. I remember listening to various discussions on the radio and television , newspaper columns were filled with practically everyone talking about the moral decline, and questioning as to what has gone wrong with our children?

Fast forward to 2016, we heard earlier this month of the two 15 year old girls,who were convicted of killing a defenceless woman of thirty something,who lived alone and was an alcoholic. She was subjected to un believable torture for a period of seven hours. The girls even took photos of it and posted on social media, they were in house for the whole night ,and once they were done, they rang 101, the non emergency police line and asked the police to take them to their residential care home.

When the police car was a bit late, they rang again and demanded why it was ! They police gave them a lift back and it wasn’t  till later that the reality dawned on them.

I didn’t see any public outrage or sadness expressed about this hideous crime , as if it was something that happens.

Yesterday two 14 year olds have been charged go murdering a mother and daughter, a dinner lady and her thirteen year old daughter.

Fourteen and fifteen year olds torturing and killing, it sends a shiver down my spine.

So how come we are here ? Who do we, if we at all blame anyone ;think should be responsible for teaching children the rights and wrongs, and where if at all we have gone wrong?

Would this be something we will shrug our shoulders and say ,such things happen? Was it so in the old British society or is this the new way that children learn to kill and kill by torture at this tender age?

So where does the responsibility lies?


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