Life Happens

Someone once said that life is something that happens when you planing other things. It doesn’t give you a warning or asks before changing the whole course of your existence, and when you come to a point when you look back , you are bewildered as to how you got here!

Does one plan to be an immigrant? Not often, when I was growing up I never imagined that I will be living in Europe, i would have looked at the suggestion with utter amazement and would have shaken my head to say, it is not possible.

But life happened, as it does. I met my future husband and we fell in love. He had a dream to do a post graduation in the UK, he had already applied for the placement before we met,and awaiting his invitation as it was called then.

In those days(late 1960s),medical graduates were invited to come to the UK , complete their post graduation in their desired field and work while they studied.

He got his “invitation” in 1969, until then I have never contemplated leaving the country I was born in. But when it seemed inevitable that I will have to join him in Europe; I started to learn about England. I liked what I found out and there I was,  on a very cold but sunny morning in March ,1970 ; when I put my tentative foot on the soil of this country,which I now consider as mine.

The trouble with adopting another country,is you find that as time goes by,you become very alienated from the country and the culture you were born in. You find that when you do visit ,it is like a foreign land. The green grass of what you called home ,has long been paved over.The customs and superstitions ,that shaped you and were a part of you when growing up, seem alien. A whole generation  has grown up, who have nothing in common with you.

So you decide ,that since you love being British, where you have spent most of your adult life,  have been part of the community,raised children who are through and through British,that is where you belong.

But do you?

I have recently been asking myself that question, when I read everyday as to how much damage immigrants have allegedly done to this country and still are doing it.

A blog site, where I have blogged for some ten years, and it is the sister site of a respectable newspaper I have subscribed to all my life, that website now has a constant barrage of hateful comments, suggestions for shooting people of certain religion and repatriating all who are non White, my confusion increases.

So it comes down to the fact that as an immigrant you do not belong anywhere. You have nothing in common with the country you were born in,and your adopted country has fallen out of love with the concept of people of other nationalities coming here to be part of the it.

It seems we don’t belong to it after all!

4 replies to “Life Happens

  1. I have to disagree with part of your blog Sabina. You do belong…you really do. Don’t let a few trolls and racists persuade you that you are no longer welcome in your chosen country.
    I am completely with you that “life happens” though. I met Bettina in Berlin. My life changed. I began to see Europe as my home rather than just the UK. For her it changed even more. She gained a big family, grandchildren appeared even though she had no children. She is as much Grandma as I am Grandad. Spain is now our home. See you in a few weeks xx


  2. Hi Sabina. Without question you do belong, you are known, respected and loved by neighbours, friends like me and colleagues who know you in person. You have given much to the NHS and the community and continue to do so. You really must not place importance on people who just use websites to release their warped ideas and venom. They would *never* say those things if they knew you personally!!

    At work, we have had patients who have been racist about various doctors of foreign origin – but when those racists accept the doctors as caring, clever people dedicated to making them feel well again, they have changed their attitudes completely.

    Internet groups are *not* real life and never will be. They are one dimensional, flaky and transient. People only become real and genuine when they are 3D and meet your gaze, return your smiles.


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