A Distraction!

If I may interrupt the blood letting of Brexit,and the disagreements as to whether God exists or not and indulge myself by showing off my flowers!

I know it is rather rude of me to distract you all from your intellectual pursuits,but being not as clever or well informed as you all are on the world affairs , I like to indulge in simple things ,or rather things which are I can comprehend or can exercise a bit of control on! Not much of , but a little bit of control!

So without much ado , let me take you on a tour of my exotic, fragrant and beautiful plants ,the rain outside has made my roses drops ,so here are the flowers I have kept away from the ailments.

Bird of paradise, has been flowering in the conservatory since November.


Tree Peony ,last week in the garden,the first bloom of the year.

Camellia , earlier this year.

Hibiscus in the conservatory.

Highly fragrant Gardenia ,grown from a cutting.
Amaryllis , from many years, the bulbs keep coming up every year.

Well it has taken me two hours to upload these photos! The site has a bug I think, it loads and then stops. Ah well, I needed to cheer myself up, it has been one of those days when I have questioned my existence and everything to do with me! So Just looking at my flowers has made me feel better.

Hope you like them too!











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