Thanks for the Memories

So this is  a good bye then.

No more spending an idle hour or so scrolling down the pages and chuckling at some postings or asking for opinions and advice, you all have been very good for me and very good to me, I would like to thank all of you.

Despite the hue and cried of the so called trolls, stalking and stories of harassment, in all the nine years I have been here ,no one has been rude to me, stalked me or trolled me,whatever that means, and no one has tried to find out where I live or tried to dig up any stories from my past . Sadly my past is quite boring ,there isn’t much to dig out,but still no one has even tried,or said that they will.

So how came I had no problem then? Whatever the reason ,it has restored my faith in human nature.

I have been away from home,with my daughter in Cheshire, have got back this evening. Am off tomorrow to Cambridge and then on Saturday am taking my grand daughters and my daughter in law to Paris for half term. So when I get back, I will do something about my archive, I have 625 blogs, not a word has been moderated or deleted ,and I thank the moderators for it. And thank you for commissioning me twice to write your energy blogs ,they are still traceable!

I mentioned to Kate Day on twitter  about the closure. Both her and Shane Richmond follow me.

Here is my exchange with her.


Kate Day

@sabaone end of an era, thank you for being a huge part of it. "</p

She also said that she has learnt a lot from MT and I did too.

There are some people I wouldn’t want to lose touch .

Cropper    long Folks and all the best to you and thanks for the company




Tony Nelson

Old Tom

Plum Tart


Blue Wonder





11 replies to “Thanks for the Memories

    1. Hi Lao, can you give me the address of your website please, I didn’t copy it when you posted on MT,and now i have to wait ages for the connection. Is it possible to give me John (Duckham)’s website too or else give him a link to mine.
      Thanks Lao, hope you are well.


      1. Hello Sabina .. I’m doing fine thanks … I haven’t been able to get into MyT for a couple days now, site won’t open or it takes so long that my connection times out .. I want to be there all day on the 7th so I hope whatever it is gets fixed between now and then.

        Here is the links you requested … you will also find links to other MyT bloggers on my website .. if you clink on them you will be taken to their blogs.


      2. Thanks Lao, I hope you will come on to the face group page too and so should John,we should not carry forward the pointless feuds which became the death knell of MT. Why cant we be adults and enjoy each others company. I will visit your site soon, thanks for replying so promptly.At the moment am recovering from spending ten days with grand children and travelling all over the place! Take care.

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  1. Truly the end of an era. I can’t remember my initial email so i might have problems locating my stuff but it was so much fun when it was going well. And I met you and cyanide bunny – both still very good friends to treasure 🙂

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  2. Sabina, I have your comment on The Heliograph site and later am putting a ‘blog roll’ (unlovely title but that is what it is called!) up and unless you object will link to here so visitors can click across.

    You had an admirable record on MyT for interesting posts and maintaining the highest standards of control. No one attacked you because they recognised that they would not get the reaction they sought. You are a gem for any site community to have and I hope if The Heliograph develops as it is intended into a well controlled and civilised place for people to meet and exchange ideas and creative work that you may join in.

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    1. Thank you John for your very kind words.I posted a link to your site on the MT Facebook page, and a lot of people said they have either signed up or would like to,I think David B and Hay have already signed up. I would love to join ,please let me when you are ready. My email is Best wishes.


      1. I have replied on your site Sabina and thank you again here for joining. Your site will be set up after I have made sure Granny and Kat have had breakfast. Very good to have you joining in and what is the address for the Facebook group? I have a Facebook page but have not yet solved how it works. Hmm.

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      2. Hello John I have replied to you,thanks again for adding me to your blog. Just search for My telegraph community,closed group. Or when you have reinstated your FB page send me a friends request.


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